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Cyrille PAULHIAC 's company
Indie Game Developer & CGI tools

At ease with several programming languages ( C# , Python , LUA).
I used to work in CGI TV-Shows/movies (Garfield, Evolution Man),
and in videogames (Atlantis5 for PC, smartphones indies).

As a technical artist, I worked in different contexts:
 Maya, MotionBuilder, Unity3D, Shotgun
I can do pipeline tools, asset management bindings,
and versionning/external-referencing system for cgi-related files.

I have a Master degree in CGI (AI), using Genetic Algorithms.
I am still interested into Neural Networks and Procedural Generated Content.

You can know me better by:
Read my Articles,
Play my Games,
Follow my DevBlog !

Of course feel free to contact me : contact@cosmogonies.net