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Funfact, some lines of code for “Ghost of a tale” are writen from Alcatraz !

Ghost of a tale, coded from Alcatraz

Let me set the scene here :

The GDC14 was just finished, I only had the saturday to visit San Francisco a little more.
Last year I've done a great tour, but couldn't reach the Rock !
What a great opportunity to capture all sort of textures, of rotten and twisted metals to the famous decaying prison^^.

But, on my way to it, I just crossed the visitable WorldWarII submarine, the mighty USS PAMPANITO .
I was like a kid in a toy-store ; you can't imagine how many pictures of pipes and "steampunk devices" I took !
Enough to drain a lot my camera's battery...
So the boat was boarding, and I had no juice left to make my camera work... but I have always my work with me ^^.
... I just sat in Alcatraz library, refilling my camera on my computer, while killing time... on Unity's game development of course !
Wanna hear more about the game ? Have a look at :

Ghost of a tale, coded from Alcatraz

Ghost of a tale, coded from Alcatraz


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  1. Hey Cosmo – I was just looking for GOAT news articles, and I happened across your blog. It looks like nice crunchy techy stuff 🙂

    Cheers! David

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