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APyTA_01: Why Python ?

APyTA_01: Why Python ?

Actually in our CGI world, there is python scripting embedded in MotionBuilder, Maya, XSI(Softimage), Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Nuke, GIMP, Modo, etc..
For me, this success is closely linked to only one very pythonic specificity: modularity.

Just think about python like a kernell, a powerfull core able to accept easily a lot of additional layers. From several sources of any universes (not CGI-restrictive).
Forget about your MEL dedicated proc: Python is born outside CGI, and is worn by a whole community with a full bunch of very different approaches. Python will enrich you.
So you can incorporate foreign solutions:great. But more important, you can easily build some flexible code for self-reusing (context-adaptative).

To resume, let's imagine your big CGI-Scene file, produced by numerous departments, without external references. What a nightmare, right ?
For me, this whole Python-revolution is about building crossed pattern, reusable libraries and meaningful objects.

Of course, there is some other advantages, like flexibility, readability, agile-friendly, but let's discover it by examples. That's our point.

print("Hello World!")
#Nothing scary until now !
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