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Relasing on iOS App Store

After releasing on Android, this time for my second game I decided to test Apple iOS system and realising also on the App Store.
My reasons were :
1) Great opportunity to learn about this OS, and on all this MAC-world I knew nothing about.
2) A lots of people are using theirs devices, so let's see if they are interested in my games.

Well, if I put aside the iPhone/iPad devices to have (mandatory to real debugging), this cost me a lot!
After rented an 2007 white macbook, I discovered that I need a very recent XCode (4.5) to target latest iOS6, so... I had to buy myself a recent macbook.
iOS6 ==needs==> XCode4.5 ==needs==> Lion ==needs==> recent MAC (see this webpage for compatibility)

But the nightmare was just started. As I already created my encryption keys in my old mac, and synchronised with my Apple Developer account...
That was a mess: it was bloody, it was insane... and if you want a step by step tutorial on how I finally managed to sign my App: I can't !
Honestly I really do not know how, after trying everything with that KeyHolder application, How I was successfull. It was just pure random...

I think I'm cursed, because I always have encryption-key issues !
Joke apart, this really freezed me about doing free trial versions, or with micro-payment management...
because that is as much keys to manage !

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