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Failing @publishing on Android PlayStore: Signing package with correct encryption !

I record here my painful experience as releasing my second game on Google Android Market: the "Play Store".

I find that I signed my apk with a key with the latest JAVA 1.7 keytool, that used as crypto algorithm "SHA256withRSA"
I found this algorithm is not supported by Android Publishing, and provoke an error : "Package file was not signed correctly" when installed (so AFTER being purchased!)
The very epic fail is that the apk was authorized and google let me release on the market a deficient application !

In the rush, I uninstalled JDK 1.7, rolling back to 1.6, delete my key from my current keystore, and re-create one (same name) with "SHA1withDSA" encryption...
When I uploaded the new release, well encrypted this time, I get this FANTASTIC error just after the upload process in my dev web-page: "The apk must be signed with the same certificates as the previous version."
Ok then... so I can NOT fix my release because of my first wrong encryption (caused by a better default algorithm remember). Wonderfull.

After several mails unanswered and some forum topics , I decided to unpublished my whole game. And create a new one, same name, same description but with a good SHA1-encrypted first apk upload.
I hope my bad experience will be useful for someone...

Lesson learned ? Not use latest jdk Well understand all releasing/publishing processes and do not let any commands or steps as default value.
If you do not understand an argument, an option in Unity3d (which create your key user-frendly but with default values, do NOT ignore it, and give you TIME to read about it. Painful BUT Safe.

Little step by step processes:
1°) Install JDK 1.6, and to not forget to add this environment variables:
JAVA_HOME C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26
Path C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26\bin
2°) In CommandLine interpreter, type:
keytool -genkey -alias TheNameYouWant -keystore
3°) Verify your key like that:
keytool -v -list -keystore "TheNameYouWantPrivateKey.keystore"
4°) Check apk signature:
jarsigner -verify -certs -verbose D:\The\Path\To\Your\Application\MyAwesomeGame.apk


Hanoi Tower 1.1

A gamer brought my first game on Android, but unfortunately he didn't like it.
He played the hardest difficulty, finish it, and claims for a payback (which I give him).

Quite disappointed, I decided to create an update, a 1.1 version, with a maximum of 10 discs !
I upgrade some of the graphics, doing some reflections shaders on some discs.

So, as a lesson, I will keep in mind: "Do NOT forget hardcore gamers, although they are not our primary target, their anger DO damage".

The video presentation on youtube !


Epic Fail ?

Well no more customers for my first little game.

I just waited one month : 4 first clients, 4 friends adding comments, and no more.
And their comments never shows off...

Damn, why it is so easy to publish a game and so hard to comment it ? Does Google needs to read them for some reasons ?

I was so excited to see 4 people over the world playing my game (probabily found in top news for a couple of seconds)...

... and then, no more way to find the game on the market (ecept knowing exactly its name). Boring.


There is always a first step…

And mine is today. Hum... tonight.

I always wanted to write stories, share pictures I had in my head. I do not know how to draw, but I know (quite a little) how to be understood by machines.
So, here I am, in my last PhD year, doing my first videogame, from scrath to the very end, and publishing it. In android market !

Yes, when i learnt infography, I wanted to write the stor of Final Fantasy 24 in 2024. Now I don't.But I still love rpgs^^.
First things first, I made a quick puzzle game. No lot code, no lot assets, no lot game modes.
It was so looooong to finish ! Yes I have also a job and a thesis to make and write, but this adventure is started from.... 6 months almost.

Well, it is done. And this first step is the start of my devblog, my new site dedicated do game desining, and... a whole new life !