Bloody Typing
learn with fun how to type faster !

This is a typing game: Write enemies names to get rid of them !
Learn how to type, improve your skills and type always faster ^^.

Words categories are (by levels):
(easy) Graveyard: "Color","Sport","Common"
(normal) Misty Forest: "Animal","Stars","Plants"
(hard) Ruined Castle: "Body", "Bitter biters", "Phobia"
(insane) Mad Lab: "Science","Dino","Extinct species", "Medical"

MODE STORY: Unlock one by one all words categories to unlock next levels.
4 environments are currently infested by evil vampires !
Each story levels end by a BOSS, killed only by a famous quote!

MODE ARCADE: Scoring challenge to type faster, making big scores on longer words.

TIMED CHALLENGES:Beat your score on a fixed duration, perfect mode for public transports!

Apple iOS App Store page
Android Play Store page
Youtube video

To have tested my game myself a lot, I can assure you it will really help you to type faster.
It helps memorize the keyboard layout, and on top of that you also learn some vocabulary !

Three difficulty modes assures that casuals gamers could access every corner of the game,
BTW, hard difficulty and scoring make the game "Easy to learn, Hard to master".

3 Virtual-keyboard layouts are available: QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY
You also had the option to hide the keyboard, for a very challenging blind game !
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If you encounter any issues, be free to email me at my address here.