PAULHIAC Cyrille : Curriculum Vitae



Programming C#, Python, C/C++, MEL, LUA, ui: Wx, Qt
Frameworks Mono, .NET, Windows Forms, Wx (UI), Qt (UI), FbxSDK
3D Softwares Maya, Unity3D, MotionBuilder, XSI
IDE VisualStudio, MonoDevelop, Eclipse, SublimeText
Pipeline Tools Shotgun (DAM), UML, XML, JSON, HTML5/CSS3 formats.
Languages French (Mother tongue), english (nearly fluent for technical usage)

Professional Experiences

2015- NOW Self-employed at cosmogonies (my very own company!)
2012-2015 R&D at Alkymia on the movie "Animal Kingdom: Let's go Ape"
(Python, Maya,Mobu, FbxSDK, Technical artist, pipeline tools, and asset management !)
2007-2011 Lead Research And Developement at Ellipsanime / Dargaud-media.
Pipeline Creator, renderfarm automation on series like Garfield , Contraptus
Dec-May 2007 Dev MEL/Python at AttitudeStudio.
Scripts Management: documentation, headers doc++ andunitary tests).
June-October 2006 Programmer on the PC game "The Secrets of Atlantis" also on iOS Nobilis (LUA).
Creation of installer/uninstaller, gameplay, sound events implementation.
Mars-April 2006 Realtime artistic application at DigitalCity(England) in the project of Painting Beings.
Gameplay programmation, genetic algorithm.
October 2005 festival IVRC Gifu (JAPAN) for project ATI CIRCUS.
Game realised in MotionBuilder, awarded at LAVAL VIRTUAL.
Programmation of the "Magisinge" with motion recognition.
June-July 2005 Stage at College de France(CNRS), realisation of several applications in Virtools (3DVia).
This serious game use a VR-headset to display at patients conflictual simulations.


Master Degree ATI On Biomorphism (Arts and technologies of image - UniversityParis VIII)
2nd year Degree MIAS (Mathematics and Informatics applied aux Sciences - French "DEUG").
High School Diploma (Physic speciality- 1999 - French "Baccalaureat" Lycee F.Sarcey Dourdan)
English diploma WallStreet English Institute, level "Threeshold 1" (9/12 levels available)


VideoGame Played a lot, then Make a lot !
Associative Roleplay and improvisation theatre.
Movies Animation (trad, stop-motion, CGI)
Readings Ancient philosophers, modern french theatre, comic books.